Just when you think the book had given all the surprises and heartbreaks it could in the seven volume course that it ran, there is yet so much going on in the head of fans that it refuses to die out. After theories about Snape’s first words to Harry, the praise of his love for Lily, and the respect he gained for protecting Harry all this while, we have yet another fan who is trying hard to prove that the hero unsung in the text did not die after all.

You heard us. A Reddit user by the name DER_GOTTKAISER has made the claim, using many citations from the series to prove his point that Severus Snape is not dead after all. What we do know up to now, as is stated in the text, that Snape dies of a bite from Nagini, Voldemort’s serpent, and Horcrux. 

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But DER_GOTTKAISER says that Snape did not die because he does not reappear anywhere after his death. Not even as a ghost. The citations used by the fan claims that when Harry used the resurrection stone, Snape did not appear with the spirits who had loved or protected him at some point. Snape had done so ever since Harry’s first year at Hogwarts, right up to being bitten by Nagini.

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One other thing that’s called to attention is that Snape’s body was never mentioned, not even after the great battle was over and the dead had been laid out. Lupin, Fred, and even Collin Creevey are mentioned, but not Snape. The potions master completely disappeared after his snake bite.


He also makes us rethink Snape’s sharp mind. He was a great potions master, who before going to meet the Dark Lord with an Elder Wand would’ve taken some precautions. The thinker behind the theory claims Snape had an antidote for Nagini’s poison and was just temporarily paralysed by the bite, not dead.

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Some tales never die, Severus Snape is becoming one such. This theory has sparked quite a discussion with people agreeing and disagreeing while putting their own views. But what if Snape really is alive, traveling the world now that his promise to Dumbledore has been fulfilled? Wow.