If there is anything that’s really ours, it’s emotions. As humans, we’ve been gifted with tremendous strength to deal with emotional turbulence for no pain is greater than your life. And if you ask me, there is nothing more gutsy than wearing your heart on your sleeve. Because what’s good in keeping all those feelings bottled up? It’s better to let them out and let your soul breathe. 

Now, some people still prefer to keep them in, while some choose to express them verbally, but there are only a few who are as good as conveying their feelings through a pen. One such accomplished writer is V.S. Naipaul. 

Naipaul has specialized in reportage, travelogue and autobiographies. As a prolific writer, he has written poignant accounts based on his life in Trinidad and other places, making a mark in literature. 

Here are some thought-provoking quotes by the celebrated author:

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