After his performance in Okhla was cancelled 7 years ago, 90s superstar Bryan Adams finally got to play for the people of Delhi in Gurgaon's Leisure Valley on Sunday. Earlier, he played Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

The show was an absolute banger, and pretty much every fan made it out to see him. There were insta stories, tweets and posts about just how great it was to watch the star in action.

Source: Independent

While the fans were giddy with excitement, there was also something strange that came to light.

Adams put up a picture where you can see a massive shadow of his, silhouetted above the crowd. It looked like something out of a fantasy.

Wait, did he just say 'magical'? That vision in the sky was literal proof of our air pollution.

The shadow was due to our horrible air quality. The dust, smoke and pollution in the air brought it about.

So while it may have looked magical, the source of this apparition was anything but. Some comments did point it out.

Either way, it was probably magical for the fans. Come back soon, Mr. Adams!