Not looking for a job or getting to the interviews is the hardest aspect of the job search. The trickiest aspect, unexpectedly, is creating the ideal résumé that will get you the whole first opportunity. Although to some extent Google might be helpful, haven’t you ever pondered what incredibly successful people’s early resumes looked like?

I don’t know about the other people, but Bill Gates, one of the wealthiest persons in the world, recently gave us a peek inside his resume.

The 66-year-old shared his resume from 48 years ago and addressed his followers, saying that their resumes might appear far better than his did.

Despite the fact that his action was meant to help millions of young people gain confidence throughout the world who are looking for jobs, his Harvard College background cannot be ignored. The résumé was created when Bill Gates, also known as William Henry Gates III, was a freshman at Harvard College.

Many social media users praised Bill Gates’ résumé as being flawless and thanked him for sharing his wonderful memory while others had something more to say.  

You attended Harvard, Gates. And it makes no difference how our resumes appear in comparison to yours. Thank you for trying, though.