While it may sound like an easy-peasy job, giving an interview can get real tricky at times. Even though you must have spent days or weeks prepping for the interview, your body language can make you sink or soar during an interview. There’s no doubt that your body language speaks volumes about you without saying a word physically.

Today, we have listed down some common body language mistakes you should absolutely avoid during your next interview!

1. Avoid sitting in a bad posture for a good impression. 

Now that you are about to sit down after greeting your interviewer, do not slouch back in relief. This will make you look tired and disinterested. Instead, sit straight on the edge of the couch, leaning a little forward to look self-confident and active. Also, rather than sitting cross-armed, put your hands on the table or in your lap. 

2. The lack of eye contact or staring too deeply can mess your interview. 

While wandering eyes give an impression of low self-confidence, staring the interviewer right in the eye makes you creepy. Maintain proper eye contact when answering the interviewer’s question. If there is more than one interviewer, switch your eye contact between them in order to avoid staring. 

3. The wrong facial expressions can be a problem. 

It’s natural to feel a little scared and nervous during your interview. However, showcasing your feelings a little too much can ruin the interview for you. While looking too serious will make you dim your self-confidence, excessive smiling will make you look too eager to please. Therefore, maintain the right balance. Warmly smile at the starting and the end of the interview and not much in between. Follow your interviewer’s energy and do what feels natural. 

4. Excessive nodding can make you look easy to please. 

While you might want to agree with your interviewer, nodding excessively on everything they say can make you look like one of those bobblehead dolls. Nodding gently and subtly, during the right intervals, can get your point across to the interviewer. Nodding vigorously can send an uncomfortable message that you are easy to please and are trying to agree with everything. 

5. Touching your hair or face constantly can make you look disinterested. 

Don’t, absolutely do not, touch your hair or face during your interview. It’s not just unhygienic and unprofessional, it also makes you look disinterested and dispassionate. Before heading for an interview, comb/tie your hair back neatly and moisturise your face nicely. Keep your hands firmly in your lap or on the table to avoid the urge of touching your hair or face. 

6. Fidgeting is a big no-no. 

Fidgeting can prove to be a major distraction during your interview. Don’t we hate it when someone constantly jiggles their legs or cracks their knuckles? It’s not only annoying and distracting, it makes you look nervous and anxious. Therefore, embrace stillness by placing both your feet firmly on the floor and your hands in your lap. It will make you look confident and prepared.  

7. The wrong tone of voice can annoy your interviewer.

Whether you are giving an interview physically or virtually, it’s extremely crucial to have a confident yet steady tone in your voice. If your tone is high-pitched or rude, it can irritate the interviewer in no time. If you generally feel tense during interviews, then practise keeping your tone calm and relaxed beforehand.

8. Do not lean towards the interviewer. 

If you are preparing for a virtual interview, keep a good distance from the camera. Similarly, do not lean too much towards your interviewer during a physical interview. Keep at least one arm distance from your interviewer to express your interest in the conversation.

Which technique are you using in your next interview?