Byju’s has been dealing with several stories from its employees detailing a toxic environment and concerns about fair treatment in the last few years. And now, the company is again in the headlines for its unfair layoff process.


The ed-tech firm, which has had financial problems and disagreements with investors, has let go of over 10,000 workers in the last two years. Now, they are continuing to cut staff without giving them a notice period. Reportedly, 100 to 500 employees would be affected this time.

One of the company’s employees got a surprising call from their HR. They were told their job was ending, and when they asked why, all they got was that it was the company’s decision. They were promised their last month’s pay and some extra money as part of their final settlement.


Byju’s is also sending emails to those affected after making the calls, which read:

“Your full and final settlement will be done as per the exit policy. Please hand over all the assets and proprietary information of the company that are in your possession to enable processing your full and final settlement. In case of any queries on exit formalities, please contact”

Business Manager

A Byju’s spokesperson confirmed that the company is currently going through extraordinary circumstances to simply their management.

“We are in the final stages of a business restructuring exercise announced in October 2023 to simplify operating structures, reduce the cost base, and improve cash flow management. We are going through an extraordinary situation in the company because of the ongoing litigation, where every employee and the ecosystem itself are going through tremendous stress given the present circumstances.” 

Business Standard

Honestly, this sounds like our worst nightmare as employees!