We’re always thrilled to find conversations on the internet which invoke happiness or better yet, feelings of nostalgia. Which is probably why we have to talk about this wonderful Twitter thread by James Alexander, a TV writer for Disney. 

Alexander kicked off the thread by talking about what made him choose writing as a career and then proceeded to ask others what their ‘origin story’ was, as a writer. 

He also pointed out how kids who get excited about writing during school are probably all set to become writers when they grow up. 

And what followed, was a flood of comments by people who opened up and revealed their writers’ origin story. And boy, if you’re a writer too, you’ll find these stories relatable AF! It’s so fascinating that most people began writing and imagining stories as young as 7 years old.

So many people in this thread have said that they started creating spin-off plotlines, or alternative storylines of the shows and comics they consumed as children. And TBH, it’s so, so wildly familiar!

This one here, is a classic example of how having good imagination is a sign you’re highly creative!

If you think about it, this is almost close to genius. I mean creating dialogues mentally! Brilliant. 

I got into writing because I realized I used to love writing extremely long answers where it was clearly unrequired. And not to get all deep and profound, but I also realized that I’ve always enjoyed observing tiny details about everyday situations and then shedding light on them so that they live on forever in people’s minds.