Years after studying in school and college, our first job is an experience in itself. It is an overwhelming feeling, so to speak. While some people get placements directly in top organisations, others opt to apply to suitable companies to earn a living. And then there are the ones who go for internships and training before finding a job. Not just first company that you work for, but receiving your first salary is also a satisfying feeling that you get. Do you remember yours? How did you spend it?

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While you return to your past, a man bought an air conditioner for family from his first internship salary. His story is going viral on Twitter.

Twitter user named Devesh Kumar (@theywayshhh) posted a photo of the packed window AC on the platform. He wrote, “Contributed my first internship salary to buy an AC for the family.”

Source: Devesh Kumar/Twitter

Check out his post here:

Here’s how netizens are reacting to it:

A few netizens couldn’t believe that people are getting paid for internships.

Receiving the first stipend and then spending it on your family is truly one of the best feelings ever, especially if you are from a middle-class household. Did you relate to this post?