Today’s job market is more about the skills that you possess than the fancy college degree that you hold. Nowadays college degrees are required for somewhat technical jobs only. There are plenty of high-paying jobs which don’t necessarily require a college degree. 

All of the jobs mentioned below are more focused on your skills than your degree. If you are someone who loves spending time on the internet fiddling through Instagram and Facebook, the following high-paying jobs that require no college degree are sure to pique your interest.


1. Meme Maker

Yes, it is a real job and a high-paying one at that. A meme maker creates memes for different social media platforms for different brands. You should have a good understanding of your target audience and the trending meme templates and be really good at moment marketing to become a good meme maker.


2. Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager handles the social media account of brands, influencers, local businesses, etc. It is their job to decide what is posted and when. You don’t need a college degree to become a social media manager, you don’t even need to do any of the spammy courses available online. 

You can learn the basics through watching videos on YouTube or reading articles, but you’ll get a better understanding by applying what you learn. You can start by working on your own social media channels and use it as a portfolio for prospective clients. 


Truth be told, this is what future conversations with your relatives would look like after you become a Social Media Manager– 


3. Social Media Marketing

In today’s world, marketing can be seen as a life skill. You not only market products, but also yourself. It is a skill that companies are willing to pay for. When it comes to social media marketing, it is mainly about running ads and sending email campaigns. 

Learning how to run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc along with learning how to run email campaigns can help you get a job as a Social Media Marketer.

4. UI Designer and UX Designer

A UI Designer’s job is to simplify the interaction of an individual with an app, website, or game. With the world becoming more and more digital, the demand for UI designers is increasing as well. 

A UX Designer looks at the habits, behaviour, and pattern of people to make their experience of using an app, website, or game better. You need to have a good understanding of the product or service you are working on. 


5. No Code Development

Traditionally developing apps and websites required a good knowledge of coding and was usually the work of software engineers. But nowadays, we can make apps without coding as well by using no code platforms. 

No code platform is a programming platform where you can develop apps by using the drag and drop feature. Just like you edit your photos with the help of a photo editing app, you can now develop apps by using the templates available on these platforms. Cool, right?

6. Growth Hacking

Ever wondered how the new startups in India are growing at such a fast pace? It’s thanks to the growth hackers. A growth hacker’s job is to bring customers for the business and increase the brand awareness. 

Growth Hackers analyze the data and tell businesses what works for them. As you get better at the job, you can earn really good money. 

Your job is to insure this doesn’t happen –


7. Performance Marketing

Does it ever happen with you that you searched for a shirt on Amazon and later on all you can see is that shirt on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and every other platform that you use? This is the work of a Performance Marketer.

All the brands showing their ads on social media require a performance marketer. What’s the best part? You don’t need a college degree for that, you just need to be good at what you do and you can earn amazing remuneration for it.

Know Your Meme

8. Content Writing

The role of a content writer is to write content for different brands for their websites, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc, depending on their requirements. You’re reading this article? It’s written by a content writer.

Every brand nowadays needs a content writer. Sure, having a Journalism or Literature degree is a plus but you don’t necessarily need it to become a content writer, all you need is the skills. 

9. Content Creation

If you are good at something, start creating content around it. As you will go along, you will create a community for yourself. Sure, it will take time but once you have your community, you can monetize it in different ways.

You can also create content for other people. Nowadays, every brand is looking for content creators to make content for them. You don’t need any degree for it, you just need to have a good knowledge about a specific domain and brands will pay you good money for it.

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