What’s the most unused thing during the pandemic? If you are a working professional, it would be your paid leaves. The pandemic has cancelled our travel plans and many of us are working from home and therefore do not feel the need to take days off from work. But do you always need to have a vacation plan to take your paid leaves?

Not really. You have earned those leaves and it’s better if you take them even if you do not have any plans. We’ll tell you how you can use them well.

1. Spend time with your family.

Take time off work to spend time with your family. This is a big step towards achieving the work-life balance you always craved for. It’s okay if you do not have vacation plans, just go out for dinner with them, go shopping and do not worry about work.


2. Read books you always wanted to.

If you love reading books, this is a good time to complete a few on your bucket list. Stay at home and devote enough time to reading. Trust me you’ll feel accomplished.


3. Go on a movie marathon.

If you weren’t able to watch certain TV shows and movies due to work commitments, spend some time watching them. Pick up old ones and re-watch them instead of working your asses off in the office.


4. Revamp your home.

Put your creativity to use and add some beautiful designs to your home. Redecorate your room or kids’ room by giving all your time to it.


5. Learn to cook something new.

This can be a great time to learn some amazing culinary skills. Nothing gets people in a holiday mood faster than delicious food. If you are eager to learn baking, do it now.

6. Catch up with friends.

You can keep it casual if you want and invite some friends over for party. These could be people whom you couldn’t meet for long because you were caught up with work.


7. Take time off social media.

This one’s yet another detox you can do at home while you are not going to the office. Since you are on leave, you can switch your phones off if not needed and enjoy other things in life.


8. Play a new game.

I am sure you don’t get time to play your favourite games with all the office work. if you have those paid leaves remaining, use them to relive your gaming memories.


9. Do the pending laundry.

Use your off day to complete the pending laundry or even to reorganise your closet. I am sure it needs your attention.


10. Devote some time for self-care.

Get yourself a good massage. Go for a spa. Spend one whole day taking care of your body and you will have peace of mind.


These are just a few ideas on how you can use your paid leaves even when you are at home and not let me expire.

Do you have more suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.