Work becomes a happy place when surrounded by people who also respect what we do. And, while that’s the dream – it doesn’t always happen. In reality, jobs and bosses can be disrespectful and even toxic. Which can end up making our workplace, an environment that we hate or want to get out of.

This Subreddit called Antiwork, is all about toxic bosses and intolerable workplaces that’ll make you wish that you do not end up there:

1. It looks like firms are now looking for robots and not humans.

2. Because, employees aren’t people and things like ‘needs’ and ‘rights’ do not exist for them.

3. “Long story short, I went on a paid, approved vacation. Upon returning, I was fired. Initially the sales manager said that they were letting me go for being unhappy. This sounded ridiculous since everyone there is unhappy. So, I called the President of the company to get clarification. I asked if it was because of my vacation, and he said yes.”

4. “I had a Zoom interview set up for 10 AM. They were a no-show.”

5. If only companies actually cared for their employees, instead of just showing that they care.

6. This is how you love your job – you’re ready to die for it.


7. “I work in a restaurant where the shifts are different for everyone, each week. My boss has now told us that no one can book any time off at all, ever. And that if we need time off, it is our responsibility to get it covered, no matter the circumstances. Our shifts change every week and we don’t know what our shifts are until a few days before. Is this legal?”

8. “I got a job as a cashier assistant at Costco, and I’m only a couple of days into it at this point. In fact, today was my first full shift and I am so drained that I’m dreading going tomorrow. They only scheduled me for 5 hour shifts for the next week and probably the foreseeable future, so no 30 minute lunch ever I guess.”

9. “Ex boss is refusing to give me my final check, he keeps pretending like he’s “out of town”. Pay day was Friday. He lied and said he wouldn’t be back there till Monday (I know he was lying because his employees confirmed that he was there throwing wild parties.) It’s a restaurant btw.”

10. Toxicity at workplace is definitely no news now. 

11. So much for work-life balance.

12. It’s difficult, finding a job that respects you for your work.

13. “I run the kitchen at a public school, a government job, and was working during the entire pandemic when the teachers and other, higher staff were sitting at home doing distance learning, safe from COVID. All the money I make in a month won’t cover a single monthly rent payment.”

14. It’s things like these why so many people hate their jobs.

15. Again, job-requirements are about expecting too much and giving too little.

No one deserves a job that doesn’t value them.