No matter how qualified you are, there will be times when you don't get job offers you look forward to. It happens that you have appeared for a number of interviews but do not receive callbacks.

By this time, you know that a traditional resume doesn't work. So you've made your resume different but still no calls? Here are some ways that can guarantee you your dream job.

1. Prove it to the employer that you will earn them more than what you'll cost.

Having past results from your previous job experience will come in handy. You can use all the data while answering the question, "Why should we hire you?" and prove that you are capable of brining in more revenue to the company than your cost.

For instance, talk of the campaigns and ideas implemented by your previous employer the results they yielded.

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2. Have contacts who can provide testimonials supporting your performance.

Employers look for testimonials from credible people like previous bosses, teachers, colleagues, mentors, etc. Therefore, you should have people ready to provide testimonials when needed.

Having good terms with your colleagues will help. You can also search on LinkedIn for professionals in your field and ask them for testimonials.

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3. Have an online presence that stands out.

Several employers check out your social media profile when they shortlist your resume. Having an impressive social media presence can guarantee you the job as they already know about your interests.

This is easier to achieve. You just need to optimize your activity on LinkedIn ot Twitter and give an impression that you are aware of the things and events happening around you.

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4. Gain information about the company beforehand.

Always Google about the company before you go for the interview. Go to their website and check what is their target audience, mission statement and work.

This is one of the best ways to impress a potential employer.

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5. Having a confident body language is a win-win.

Your body language must exude confidence as soon as you enter the office. You can follow a few tips like maintaining eye contact with everyone and keeping a good posture.

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6. Learn to tell your CV concisely but covering the main points.

You should know what you have put down on your CV. But not everything is important. Know how to hand pick and tell the qualities that are desired for the job you are applying for. So do not tell your life story when they ask you to tell something about yourself.

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7. Don't just say that you are a team player, prove it.

Simply stating you're a team player won't help. You should provide an instance when you worked on a team to accomplish a goal. Share relevant stories of leading the team, if you did. This will provide weight to your profile.

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8. Follow up on your application

Most job seekers believe that if a company is interested in hiring them, they will reach out. That's not the case always. Following up on your application status can look like an attractive quality to some employers and show them that you are really interested in the job.

So, pursue it professionally. Wait for a week or two and then reach out for a follow-up if you haven't heard back.

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Regardless of the industry or nature of the job, these tips will help you grab the job opportunity you've been waiting for.

What helped you get the job? Tell us in the comments section below.