We’ve all heard someone say, ‘No one truly knows what lies in the future.’ Except, maybe we do. For instance, it seems like there are a few jobs and designations that have been predicted to start dwindling in the next 10 years. 

A few scientific studies have proven that because of certain advancements we’ve made in technology, some jobs will cease to exist in the coming years. Curious? Lets take a look at what these jobs are, shall we?

1. Warehouse workers

It looks like jobs that have to do with manual labour will be one of the first few to disappear because of how much technology they rely on currently. 

2. Accountants and auditors

Accounting and auditing are some of the other job profiles that are being displaced by technology. 

3. Postal service clerks

Since postal service can also be considered manual labour and manual labour seems to be facing some level of replacement by automation technology, it seems the job will be facing a decline as well.

4. Door to door sales people 

Though the statistics don’t imply a decrease in every sales job, they do say that automation technology will put many sales people‘s jobs at a risk. 

5. Cab/truck drivers 

Personally, I am not too sure how soon we will start seeing self-driving cars but apparently, even driving jobs are speculated to be replaced by automation technology. 

6. Telemarketer

According to an Oxford University study, telemarketing jobs will dwindle due to computerisation. 

7. Travel agents 

It’s no secret that we’re now living in an age of travel and booking websites, applications, etc. So, unfortunately it makes sense that travel agents’ jobs are being and will continue to be impacted by this. 

8. Legal secretaries

According to a study by Deloitte, a hefty portion of legal jobs are likely to be automated in the next two decades. 

9. Bank tellers

It seems as though frontline workers in the bank industry are also likely to face a level of replacement by automation.  

10. Sports referees 

According to the Oxford University study, even professions such as sports referees are at risk of decreasing due to computerisation.  

All these films that talked about an AI takeover, may not have been so bizarre after all!