Those of us who chose to pursue our dreams, know that it isn’t a straight and narrow road to a desired job or career. And of course, that applies to a writing career as well. 

Which is why this Twitter thread where journalist Manish Gaekwad has discussed how he became a writer is so inspiring!

In the thread, he has talked about how he made it out of difficult circumstances and worked at several different kinds of jobs that ultimately led him to become a writer. 

From a transcription job to being a fraud specialist at GE Electric and later, a script writer in Mumbai, while being an incredibly fervent reader, he slowly paved a road to publishing his own book in 2018.

Also, I love how he has described his training at GE Electric; undergoing lessons on the American accent – epic!

Gaekwad also discussed not having any formal training as a writer and not having any special knowledge to impart to others, but in my personal opinion, we’re no longer in an era where formal education and training matter. Especially if a person is talented and works hard at mastering their craft!

But here is how others responded to the intriguing thread. So many people felt inspired by his path! 

Kudos to him for sharing his journey! You can read a more detailed description of it on his Medium page here.