The work-from-home culture has its perks, but it has also made a lot of us a tad too comfortable. All those memes about attending meetings while sitting in a formal shirt and shorts aren’t exaggerating. A lot of us have become so used to this space, that’s it difficult to go back and stick to ‘workplace rules’. Like this judge who got suspended for smoking on a Zoom call.

Vivian Polania
Source: Twitter

Vivian Polania, a judge in Colombia was captured smoking during a Zoom court hearing, while lying down on her bed. Reportedly, she had joined with her camera off, and turned it on after sitting through the meeting for one-hour. She was then informed about it, after she was seen puffing on a cigarette. While this is not the first time when a person didn’t realize about their camera being on — the incident does reflect unprofessionalism.

The entire incident was reported by one of the solicitors on call, and the judge was given a three-month suspension – being alleged of impropriety. Whereas, according to her, the allegations aren’t exactly true because she was forced to lie down due to a panic attack and low blood pressure.

Virtual meetings sound too scary at this point, anything can happen.