If you loved watching Young Sheldon, or are a total fan of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, you’ll probably be super intrigued by Kairan Quazi. A 14-year-old who graduated with an engineering degree from Santa Clara University and has already been hired by Elon Musk‘s SpaceX.

Kairan, SpaceX
Kairan, SpaceX

Quazi was a gifted individual as a kid, his parents recognised that early on and made arrangements for a more conducive environment for him. By the age of 10, he had already qualified for a community college and bagged an internship at Intel Labs as an AI research co-op fellow!

He transferred to Santa Clara University to study computer science and engineering, at age 11 and the rest as we know it, is history.

But in a more recent turn of events, Quazi shared a screen-grab of an email he received from LinkedIn where his account was restricted, as he did not meet the age requirement. Can you imagine being too young for LinkedIn but having a cool AF tech job at the age of 14? What an amusing little moment.

Here are some reactions that people have had to teenage genius:

Well, congratulations to Mr. Quazi, hope he has a ball at his new job.