What if I told you that you can take a break from work for even a year and you will not only be fully paid but also can not be fired during that period? Or that you can take a nap during working hours and won’t be labeled as incompetent? What a dream world would that be, right?


Well, for some it’s not a dream world but very much a reality. And we are SO jealous! Here are 5 labour laws around the world that we wish are adopted in India immediately. 

1. Job Ads Must Include Salary Range In NYC

recent law passed in New York City made it compulsory for employers to post salary ranges in job ads. In a country like India where it’s considered a bad move to ask for offered salary in a job interview, this law can surely prove to be a boon.


2. Texting Employees After Working Hours Is Illegal In Portugal

Portugal recently made it illegal for employers to text employees beyond working hours. With the increase in remote working, the line between personal and professional life has blurred. This law can help in keeping that line intact. 

3. 30 Days Annual Vacation In Austria

After being employed full-time for 6 months, you are entitled to an annual vacation of 30 days. If that is not enough good news, this will surely be – these vacation days are fully paid. The vacation days increase if you have been employed for more than 25 years.

Looking for my paid annual vacation like –


4. Napping During Working Hours Is Encouraged In Japan

Have you been scolded by your boss or been called inefficient for napping at work? Not in Japan. In fact, it is very common as well as encouraged in Japan. They even have a word for it – inemuri, meaning sleeping on the job. 

Subtly requesting my boss to be okay with my inemuri. 


5. Paid Career Breaks In Belgium

A law in Belgium makes it illegal for your boss to fire you while on a career break. You can take a break of even a year and your employer will be required to pay you your entire salary along with a written confirmation that you will be taken back on the job after your career break.


Ye career break tumse tumhara employer bhi nahi cheen sakta.

In a country like India where people are overworked and a gap between two jobs is looked down upon, this law can prove to be very useful for the employees. 

With the new labour laws being introduced in the country, we hope these labour laws around the world will be taken into consideration too. Well, one can dream, right?