Monday blues hit harder when you operate from a toxic working environment. Right? The obsessive micro-managers and in-house office politics are enough to drive anyone crazy and make work feel unbearable. One such news of toxicity is coming from the popular brand name, Ola, where former and existing employees have anonymously called out the toxic work culture apparent in the organization.

Reportedly, the news agency Bloomberg has interviewed over two dozen existing and former employees of Ola Electric. They have spilled details on the company’s toxic work culture and the rude and hostile behavior of the Ola CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal, in the meetings.

The employees shared there were times when Aggarwal hurled Punjabi epithets at the staff, labeling them useless or tore-up presentation papers cos of a missing page number. At times, he would also cut short hour-long meetings to mere 10 minutes because he felt that sentence construction or quality of presentation papers had not been up to the mark. There has also been an incident where the CEO asked an employee to run three laps of Ola Futurefactory, the world’s largest electric two-wheeler factory, cos of a closed entryway that should have been open.

Apparently, in an interview last month, Bhavish Aggarwal mentioned that they were not on an easy journey. He said, “I don’t want to choose an easier journey for myself or for Ola. My anger, my frustration — that’s me as a whole.”

Twitter is fuming as the news has gone viral. Here’s what people are saying.

It’s no secret that just too many of our Indian corporates have a toxic work culture. They normalize overwork, extend work shifts at minuscule salaries, and frown when you speak of work-life balance. Where are we even heading?