We live in an unpredictable world where nothing is promised. Therefore, I believe we should all give ourselves some grace for making decisions that, in hindsight, were probably not the best or most thought-out choices. For instance, many people choose undergraduate courses and degrees that they don’t really end up using. Though a significant amount of money is invested in education, sometimes we have little to no control over the careers we end up in, especially if it’s one we enjoy. Right?

Well, these confessions about people ending up in careers after pursuing degrees that they felt were ‘useless’ is an example of how this can play out, read on:

1. “Bachelor’s degree in animation. I deliver mail now.”


2. “Master’s degree in Animation, I am a Front end web developer for a company that uses AI to diagnose cancer. Not really in the same ballpark.”


3. “I got a BA in sociology. Got accepted to law school but opted out because I was burned out and hated everything. I went to work at a hotel and randomly fell into accounting. It worked for me and now I have a CPA.”


4. “Psychology degree, now bartending.”


5. “BS in Psych from a no-name university in the North-East. HRIS Senior Analyst pretty much making 6 figures.”


6. “A BA in English and I work in higher education, but I am a program coordinator for a school that has nothing to do with literature.”


7. “BA in Classical Studies. Senior Financial Analyst.”


8. “BS Kinesiology. MS exercise physiology. Software engineer now.”


9. “BA in English and Women’s Studies, fucked around as a copywriter, library clerk (to be a librarian one needs a Library Sciences MS) managed a home healthcare office, other low-paying endeavours, decided at 30 to go to grad school. At forty I’ve been a psychotherapist for 7-ish years and I’m now burnt out.”


10. “Psychology: operations/HR Manager.”


11. “Fine arts degree. I worked my butt off for years. Now in sales which comes so easy to me and I make so much more money. Wish I studied business or marketing and figured this out many years ago.”


12. “Fly planes. Creative writing degree.”


You don’t need to have it all figured out. Sometimes things work out the way they should.