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Take This Quiz To See If You Are 'Qualified' Enough To Get A Job As An HR

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Do you have what it takes to be an HR? Oh, you have an MBA? BBA? Yeah, that's all a waste of money. All you need to do is answer these questions with all honesty. And if you get them all right, we will ask our HR to leave and tell corporate to hire you. 

1. How would you retain employees better?  

2. How do you ensure your employees are happy? 

3. If an employee complains about their boss...

4. You have been given Rs 1 lakh to hire someone. The person has passed all the tests and interviews and wants a salary of Rs 95,000. What do you do? 

5. Employees don't want to come back to the office to do a job they have been doing from home and doing well for a couple of years. What do you do? 

5. The time for appraisals is here. 

7. Employees want to have a party. 

8. How to ensure your workers are not taking excessive stress at work? 

9. How to make your workplace LGBTQA+ friendly

10. How do you ensure there is no sexism in the workplace? 


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