UPSC aspirants are different because the exam is also different from any other in the world. They do things differently which others might find strange at times.

It’s these pecularities during their preparation that they never forget. If you’ve also been an UPSC aspirant, you will relate to all of this.

1. Reading The Hindu was a ritual for you every morning.

2. The walls of your room were filled with maps of every possible country, state, city.


3. You’ve spent hours at photocopy shops in Rajinder Nagar, Delhi

4. You have no record of the number of times you’ve read Laxmikanth’s Indian Polity.

5. There’s no way you haven’t carved your name with the suffix IAS on the study table or walls.

6. You’ve roamed around in the lanes of Old Rajinder Nagar just to see which new study material’s out.

Indian Express

7. You’ve seen videos of LBSNNA several times on loop and imagined yourselves there one day.

8. You have watched Rajya Sabha TV more than anything else that now you remember the schedule. You’ve had it subscribed, right?

9. You’ve tried to memorize the Constitution of India at least once during the preparation.

10. Your books and notes looked like this.

11. You’ve had a separate time dedicated to cutting newspaper clippings.


12. You’ve quit or at least tried to quit social media once.

13. The habit of underlining everything you read is so deeply ingrained that you have underlined on the restaurant menu also.

UPSC Pathshala

14. You worshipped NCERTs more than your holy books.

15. The only radio channel you’ve listened to is All India Radio. That too for news.

16. You’ve randomly looked at clouds and wondered what type of cloud it is – Stratus? Cirrus?


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