There has always been a bit of disconnect between job recruiters on Linkedln and potential employees. Which is where we have tried to come in and help recruiters know a few things that the employees would like them to know. 

1. Add the damn salaries, bro! 

If you need a lifetime of experience and a million tests that people have to sit through just to get an interview, at least let them know what they are going for. There’s no point spending hours, sometimes days or weeks of this whole process and then realising the company isn’t willing to pay enough.  


2. If you already want me to upload the CV on the form, why does HR almost always ask for it again? 

I just don’t get it. No, just why wouldn’t you just check? And if you can’t, why have you added that option? You are not the only place we are applying at. 


3. Please add the job description and let people know exactly what you expect from the employee. 

Rather simple, this one. Again, no one wants to go through the whole process before being told or realising that they don’t necessarily fit the job profile. It’s an exhausting process and we are already too tired from doing our current jobs. 


4. Look, if you want someone to be an expert in photoshop and content writing at the same time, maybe, IDK, pay them as much. 

And this is not just about these two very specific professions. Often, the recruiters expect the employee to be an expert on a variety of subjects but just don’t want to pay them as much. 


5. If you have a certain budget for a certain position and what the candidate is asking for is within said budget, please don’t let HR haggle like we are buying vegetables. 

Honestly, if you can pay the candidate what they want, then just do that. Chindi chori karne ki zaroorat nahi hai. You will lose out on a lot of good people. 


6. Aur kitne round interview karna hai tumhe? Aur kyun? 

Why, why, why on Earth would you ever have the need to have rounds of interviews. Tereko pehli baar mein pata nahi chala, bro? You have to ask the people above you on the food chain. Tu sub-inspector hai kya? Seedhe inspector kyun nahi bheja? 


7. It doesn’t matter if you say you are diverse and anyone can apply regardless of their colour, caste, religion, gender or sexuality if you don’t have a history of hiring people from diverse backgrounds.

People looking for a job at your company are in the same line of work as you are. It’s the same industry. We know how PR works. We can see through you. 


8. Inform candidates about other benefits the company provides other than salary, which you should also disclose BTW!

Honestly, tell people if you offer health insurance, maternity leaves, period leaves etc. We are at a point in time where these are a must. So, if you do offer them, as you should, let people know. 


9. Respond to mails, please. Even if you don’t like the candidate, let them know. Don’t ghost people. 

This is a basic professional courtesy. Even if you don’t think a candidate is fit for the position you are hiring for, let them know instead of just not replying to emails. 


None of this is actually difficult to do. It’s very basic, which is why it is that much more surprising that it needs to be told.