It can traumatic to learn that the company you are working with has fired you or terminated your contract. There may be several reasons for this but as an employee and someone who would be looking for another job soon, you should avoid doing certain things when you learn you are being let go.

Here’s a few of them.

1. Do not storm off in heat of the moment without saving important documents.

It is possible that you have certain important documents in your office laptop or you have submitted them to office HR. Make sure you do not leave any important ones behind because it can be difficult to retrieve them later.


2. Do not dismiss the chance to resign.

Explore all the options you have before you choose to exit. There might be a possibility that you can offer your resignation.


3. Do not forget to discuss severance package if you are being made to quit.

Take some time, research your company’s policies and get back to the HR to discuss a decent severance package. 


4. Do not vent out your feelings on social media.

Remember that you are still a part of the company and the process of your exit is on. Don’t give in to the urge to overshare; social media isn’t the place to tell people your issues or complain about your boss. Sharing negative posts abour former employers is one of the biggest red flags for hiring managers.


5. Do not refuse to help with transition.

You are just leaving a company not your career. This means you might need referrals or recommendations from your co-workers and managers. So, if the company asks you to help with the transition process, do not say no striaghtaway.


6. Don’t talk trash about the company.

You are likely to begin noticing things about your job and company when you are about to quit. But remember, others aren’t leaving, it’s just you. So, don’t talk trash about the company with your coworkers. It won’t do any good.

7. Do not broadcast your firing right away.

Give some thought and time to present the news to everyone. The way you broadcast this news will decide how you are perceived by colleagues and other professionals in the field.


The key is to avoid doing or saying anything you might regret on your way out the door.