1. “Learn a new skill. Use this downtime productively. You appear to have access to the internet, so take some time to learn something new through the hundreds of coding boot camps or MOOCs. Get your hands dirty and build a portfolio.”

Being unemployed can take a toll on your routine and mental health. With the stress of paying bills and finding a new job, there are a lot of things to juggle. While it’s not easy to move past this phase, we have got some tips to help you fight unemployment depression.   


2. “Acknowledge your scary thoughts. If you ignore your feelings, they will become stronger. If you acknowledge your bad thoughts from a perspective of “Why am I feeling this way? What is triggering this?” then they lose their power over you. Cry. Scream. Vent. Get mad. Use those feelings to fuel your desire to do better.”


3. “Is being unemployed the only reason for your depression? If so, you should focus on your job search and figure out what’s preventing you from getting a job. For example, if you’re applying to numerous jobs but aren’t getting interviews it would indicate that either there’s a problem with your resume or that you’re applying for the wrong jobs. If you’re getting calls and/or first interviews but no further interest, you should review your interview skills and figure out what you’re doing wrong or not well enough.”


4. “I just hit my 5 months of unemployment. I agree with most people here about going to the gym. Lifting heavy stuff always helps me relax. I’d also suggest improving on skills you lack, maybe looking into a language or some coding. I am learning SQL for future jobs. It’s not hard stuff but it helps in the long run.”


5. “I go on walks. I also read and am taking courses in Tableau. You may want to see if there are any online courses, maybe through your library system (that are free), that you can take to expand your skill set. I know it sucks but it’s nice to find some positivity in your free time. If you can complete a course in something relevant to your skillset, you can add it to a resume to show potential employers that you are actively building your skills. Good luck!”


6. “Don’t be afraid to indulge in some regressive hobbies to escape a little, but try to keep them mindful. For example, I tend to zone out in video games. I can easily waste an entire day and have nothing to show for it. No reflection, no introspection. So while I was fighting the unemployment blues I bought a couple of challenging puzzles, as lame as it sounds. They were great. They kept my mind busy, but more than anything it was meditative to put on some music and be with my thoughts to work through stuff in my head while I worked.”


7. “I am in the exact same boat, people tell me to exercise, take a walk around the block or go on a hike. Sometimes I have the energy and excitement to do so and other days I don’t want to leave the house. But when I do go out for a walk or hike I feel lighter and a bit happier. And if you enjoy blogging or writing, maybe try opening up your creative side and start writing short stories or poems, this should help to get things off your chest.”


8. “Firstly, spend some time expanding your network of useful people. Most people find work through people they know, if your network is small your chances of finding work are slim. Secondly, forget the normal methods of job searching, get out there. Attend start-up events, and industry events and start researching growth sectors in your local economy.”


9. “Treat finding a job as a job. Something worthwhile. Something honorable. Schedule and plan and make goals as if you are in a job. Take a class if you can. You can always drop the class if there is a conflict with a new job, but if not, it adds to your skillset.”


10. “You’re not lost, just recalculating your future projections. You don’t need to constantly be moving to show progression in life. Work on yourself internally and the external rat race will eventually play out the way you want it based on your inner focus.”


11. “Eating well and Exercise help a lot. I was in a similar situation. I would suggest getting out as much as possible. Even if it’s for nothing. Take your laptop to a cafe or library and do your thing there. Less time at home the better.”


12. “I try to start the morning with about 10 minutes of quiet reflection, planning for the day, etc. Then at night, I pull up a YouTube meditation video. Some have subliminal messages embedded. Hopefully, that is you will succeed, not you are losing.”


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