One of the most admirable things about someone is their commitment to their self and their life. And one thing about us Indians is, we know what that’s all about. Which is why this Twitter thread might just be the most relatable thing you read on the internet today. 


It all started with journalist Rituparna Chatterjee tweeting about people who’ve had to start working right after graduation, and boy, did desis start chiming in on this! 

The post opened up a dialogue about how exhausting it is to take on the responsibility, to work towards being independent and supporting others around you. Here’s Chatterjee’s post, take a look for yourself. 

Many other people discussed their personal stories around this. While some people talked about working to solely become independent, others talked about how they had to start working due to their circumstances. 

These stories invoke so much respect and value for hard work. But at the same time, we do wish them all a time of relaxation, rest and restoration.