Who on the internet hasn’t seen the HR and rangoli memes? I doubt there would be a very few of you. HRs have been mocked all over the internet for the beautiful rangolis they make. It is all fun and games until people start considering that that’s all they do. To stop this misconception from spreading, here are a few things that HRs do, and no it’s not just making beautiful rangolis.

1. HRs are the ones who bring you to the organization.

Remember when you applied for that dream job of yours? Who brought you into the system? It was an HR doing their job meticulously. From recruitment to setting up an interview to getting you on board, HRs are your very first contact at any company.

2. HRs handle all your queries.

Once you’re on board you have like a hundred questions, who answers them? No matter how big or small your query is, HR is always there to clear all your confusion and ensure you have a smooth journey in your new company. It doesn’t just end there, all through your stay at a company, whenever you have a doubt, you go to the HR.

3. HRs guide you about the organization.

Being a new employee, being clueless about the workings of an organization, who is who, whom to contact and all other doubts that you might have, HR clears them all and guides you about the organization and its workings. Your HR is basically Donna.

4. The salary that gets credited to your account on a specific day? Yeah, you should thank the HR.

HRs are the ones who manage payroll at an organization. There are taxes to be calculated, expenses to be reimbursed, raises and bonuses to be added, all the while ensuring that your salary gets credited on time. If you think it is a burden doing taxes once a year, imagine being an HR and doing it every payroll period.

5. HRs help you with all your tax woes.

When it’s that time of the year when you have to finally get on to file your taxes, who in the organization helps to make that process easier? Your HR. They tell you the basics of filing your taxes and guide you to the person in the organization who can help you with it. Imagine being a new employee not knowing whom the ask for help. Your first stop is always the HR.

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6. HRs assist you at the time of personal crisis.

You have a life, and life has issues. When you’re facing a personal crisis, HRs help to accommodate you. From taking you through your insurance policy, making you understand the finer details of it, or providing you with the required leaves, HRs help you through your crisis. And once you’re back, they help you with a smooth transitioning. 

7. HRs ensure you have a smooth offboarding.

From your onboarding till your offboarding, your HR is the only one who has been there with you for the entire process. When you decide to switch jobs, HRs ensure that you have a smooth offboarding.


Even if no one wishes you on your birthday, you can rely on your HR to send you a Happy Birthday mail, and that’s sweet, okay? So, stop saying HRs don’t do anything except for making rangolis.