Almost everyone has had a brush with a horrible boss who makes their life hell by gaslighting and expecting work they are not paid to do. Sadly, things can get worse than this. Here is a list of the worst bosses from across the world, one of whom fired their employee after she donated him her kidney (true story).

1. Vishal Garg, the CEO of, fired 900 people over a zoom call like it was nothing. This action got him a lot of criticism and he apologised for his mistake later. During the call, he had said:

If you’re on this call, you are part of the unlucky group being laid off. Your employment here is terminated effective immediately

2. Being nicknamed “Hollywood’s biggest a-hole” oughta tell you something about Scott Rudin. He is infamous for throwing objects at people, firing them impulsively, and demanding that they are available through the entirety of the day. 

Vanity Fair

3. Famous filmmaker James Cameron is infamous for sticking people’s phones to the wall on the set of Avatar. Though he may have always been this way, as evident by the testimony by Kate Winslet who, after Titanic, reportedly said that she will never work with him again. Well, she almost drowned, so.

Hollywood Reporter

4. George Steinbrenner who bought Yankees in 1973, allegedly fired people over having facial hair. With that for context, screaming at players for not performing seems like something he’d do when he was in a happy mood.


5. New Zealand’s Murray Gardiner had his boss fire him after learning that his bypass surgery was not successful (it was). He came to the hospital and told this news to Gardiner, who had worked for the company for 11 years.


6. A minibus company boss in Russia fired at the employees who were protesting for wage deduction and snatching their passports. One person who got injured during the firing, died that day.

The Moscow Times

7. Debbie Stevens, a Long Island employee, was fired by her boss to whom she had donated her kidney. The reason? She wasn’t turning up after the painful surgery. She was first transferred to another office and then let go completely. Unbelievable.

Fierce Healthcare

8. An employee was fired by his boss for liking an LGBTQ Facebook page. He was consistently given poor reviews and his boss would comment on his sexual orientation all the time in front of others. Following this, the employee sought help from a therapist who suggested a leave of absence which was approved. When he came back, he was fired for not turning up.