You might forget your partner’s birthday or perhaps your first anniversary but one day which cannot be erased from your memory is your first day at work.

Your firsts, they say, are always special, and the day you start your new job could be as dreamy as you imagined or a deadly nightmare. People on this Reddit thread are talking about their horrible first day at work and trust me, reading these will make you feel better about yours.

1. “Lifted industrial steel doors by hand and loaded them into a 45 foot trailer until it was full. I quit after 1 shift.”

2. “I work at a gas station and I accidentally hit the button that emergency stops all the gas pumps my first day LMAO.”

– rieixee

3. “On my first day I had an order for a tea, I managed to take the wrong coaster and didn’t notice. I managed to spill the boiling water all over myself and the customer.”

4. “When I arrived on the first day, there was an eviction notice on the door and a cop looking for the business owners. Bullets dodged, that day!”

5. “I was told business casual so my first day I was wearing Chinos and a sweater. I was still filling out paperwork when someone came in and told me I needed to go home and change. It was a half hours drive each way at the time but I was broke so I did it. Quit a few months later. Horrible place.’

6. “Bought new shoes for my first work day, hurt like hell the whole day.

In the evening I finally got out of them, all toes were bleeding and the nails from the big toes were completely blue.”

7. “A friend of mine wasn’t actually hired. They had him work for 6 hours without pay and without hiring him. When he tried calling the next few days to see if he’d gotten the job or if they’d pay him for those 6 hours, they didn’t answer. He decided to drive to the location a couple days later and they were closed. Permanently. They knew they were shutting down and didn’t tell him.

When he finally did get a hold of that manager, and voiced his complaint about making him work without pay, she told him- well you don’t always get what you want.”

8. “So, first day at a new job. I sit down to eat lunch and my phone dings. My boyfriend of five years decided that a Monday at lunchtime was the perfect time to break up with me via text message. While I can’t say the breakup was a complete surprise I really, really wish he had done it on the weekend when I could have private time to deal with it.”

9. “Got a job at Wal-Mart and on the first day the manager told me to ask another manager to set me up on training videos. When I asked the other manager I got yelled at because she ‘didn’t have time for me’.”

– Seam0re

10. “It was my first job ever and my job was like 2 hours away. I was in public transportation so 3 guys jumped me and took my phone and wallet. It was terrifying.”

11. “Was very sick – high fever & congestion – before my first day. A day before I wrote to HR asking to postpone my start date by two days. They said no. So I came very sick to work, shook everyone’s hands (while warning them I’m sick!). I don’t remember much from that day, just that it was very, very unpleasant.”

12. “My first day at my current job was (as a restaurant server) a BUSY Sunday morning breakfast rush. One of the managers at the time told me three days later that ‘you survived Sunday as your first day, you’ll survive anything’.”

After going through these, I need some motivation to work today.