Growing up, Cartoon Network of the 90s was one of the best thing. Hands down. So much so that we often pity kids these days because all they have in the name of cartoons is Ninja Hattori and Doraemon.

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There's a reason why it's called Classic Cartoon Network now. Because long before Cartoon Network became the dreaded CN, it used to air some of the best cartoons ever. Stuff, that nostalgia is made up of.

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Therefore, it's easy to understand why most of us 90s kids miss the good ol' days.

So while Johnny Bravo taught us flamboyance...

...Dexter's Laboratory taught us that science was indeed cool.

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While Mask taught us to embrace our crazy self...

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...Captain Planet was our first environmental studies teacher. (BTW, that awesome theme song.)

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These cartoons also gave us some of the best catchphrases ever. Remember 'Yaba-daba-doo!' from The Flintstones?

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And 'Jinkies' by Velma from Scooby-Doo?

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Such was the impact of these cartoons, they even used to affect our eating habits.The only way we could become as strong as Popeye was if we regularly ate spinach.

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The most amazing thing about the channel was its universality. Cartoon Network had something for everybody. While the kids used to love Popeye and The Mask, I remember adults being hooked to Tom & Jerry, Batman and Batman Beyond.

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I also remember how Little Lulu was our very own talk show queen.

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Apart from the fact that it used to telecast some of the most awesome cartoons ever, I guess Cartoon Network worked because it came at the right place, at the right time. India of the 90s was opening up to the world and Cartoon Network was one of the first global things to reach small towns.

And that in turn, unified the nation.

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Add to that the fact that all these cartoons were dubbed in Hindi. The dubbing itself was so good, that most of us remember these cartoons in Hindi and not in English.

Many of the cartoons telecast then were way ahead of their time. Take for example Pinky and the Brain and Samurai Jack.

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Little wonder then that Samurai Jack and Swat Kats are now making a comeback.

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And how can we forget Action Hour? In which some of the best action cartoons such as Jonny Quest and Centurions used to premier.

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Sorry 'CN'. But you'll never be as cool as Cartoon Network of the 90s. 'Nuff said.