We’re 3 months into 2023, and it looks like the patriarchy and misogyny Boogeyman of ‘Why doesn’t this recently-married woman LOOK married?’ is back to haunt us. According to a now-deleted tweet by @Chevane, actor Kiara Advani wearing ripped, baggy jeans post getting married is an absolute no-no.

Kiara, Advani

According to a screenshot of the tweet posted by editor and writer Rituparna Chatterjee, Mohan said, “What compels a newly wed bride to dress like this? Blindly following fashion?” To which, Chatterjee has responded by saying “Comfort.”

It’s sad to think that we’re still dealing with people who demand that women dress a certain way, especially after they get married. Why is there so much pressure on women to exist in a certain way? It seems ridiculous at this point that we’re even having to address this problematic way of thinking.

Here’s how the internet has responded to the strange commentary about the actor’s attire.

Agency is all we want. The agency to exist however we please.