As a child, Cersei went to visit a witch bearing a prophecy. A prophecy that declared the downfall of everyone she loved, especially her children.

The king will have 20 children and you will have three. Gold will be their crowns . . . gold their shrouds.

And that set her on a path where there could be no redemption. 

Add Lord Tywin Lannister into the mixture and you'll realise Cersei is not really the worst Lannister. It's her father. 

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Tywin was a shrewd man of great administrative and strategic abilities but also of cruelty hitherto unheard of. 

We all hate her for whatever she did to Tyrion. Even when they were kids, she hated him for killing their mother. 

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Tyrion's birth had killed her mother and she had to be brought up by a father who resented Tyrion to the core, which wasn't exactly a very parental thing to do.

What really shaped her character was a chance meeting with a witch when she was just a child. The witch told her all children would lose their lives.

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You have to understand that Cersei was but a child at the time. She could have been changed, her views could have been changed if a parental figure had tried to.

Besides, he adult life wasn't fair either. When she got married to Robert Baratheon, she expected a bit more than a drunkard who got on top of her, smelling of foul wine and other women, only to speak of Ned Stark's sister.

So forgive her, if her anger is a little misplaced. 

Now, Cersei Lannister is arguably one of, if not the most hated character on television. And she deserves it. 

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Countless accounts of murder, riots and acts of domestic terrorism have sure that her character cannot be possibly redeemed.

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Well, I am not going to dispute that.

That being said, if you actually think about it, she is not very different from anybody else on the show. Agreed, her insufferable self has taken countless lives. But guess who else has done the same thing?

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Stannis, Jaime, Jon Snow, Robb Stark, Robert Baratheon, Daenerys, Khal Drogo to name a few. Drogo was a rapist. And Tyrion himself has killed a few. 

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Even the honourable Ned Stark has slaughtered innocent men because he, along with everybody else was of the belief that their actions were just.

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So why should we hate Cersei, when characters in this particular medieval show have killed for far less? And we have loved them for it.

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 Besides the whole murdering spree started after Ned Stark warned her about telling Robert Baratheon about her and Jaime. Robert Baratheon wouldn't have just had them executed but he would have also slaughtered their children. 

That wouldn't just have led to the death of both Cersei and Jaime but also the slaughter of all their children at the hands of a man they knew as their father. 

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And everything thereafter has been a mere means to save her children from the terrible fate they had been condemned to suffer. 

Think about it. She wasn't mean to Margaery because she was younger and the new queen but because she was dangerous for Joffrey. And he did die at the hands of the Tyrells. 

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She did not want Myrcella to be sent to the Martells. And guess who killed her? 

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She tried to stop Tommen from falling into the trap of a religious fanatic and then there was Margaery again. 

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The High Sparrow brainwashed Tommen, as he paraded Cersei naked through the streets of the capital. Meanwhile, the Tyrells took over the reigns of Westeros.  

I am not going to even speak about blowing the shit out of the sept, because who are we kidding! Those guys were fanatics!

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We can agree that Cersei Lannister is a horrible person who has committed some unspeakable crimes.

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But she was a mother, a vicious, uncompromising creature but a mother nevertheless. 

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So to ignore her point of view, to believe that her evil was born with her, that she did not understand love and compassion is disrespectful to the show and more importantly, the amazing Lena Headey who portrays her!