Jan 31, 2019 at 13:58

Chicago & Parts Of US Are Colder Than Antarctica With Temperatures Falling Below -40° Celsius

by Meenu Katariya

You probably have an idea of what its like at zero degree celsius or just below. But do you know what it feels like when the temperatures drop to less than -20 degrees?

Reports suggest that Chicago is even colder than Antarctica this year, as well as worse than 'Chiberia' event in 2014 when the temperatures were recorded at -16 degree celsius.

Source: The Guardian


With temperatures dropping down to a steep -40 degree celsius, most parts of North America are now frozen, thanks to the Arctic polar vortex.

The polar vortex is a wind system that is centered around the North Pole. However, this year it has shifted southwards, engulfing North America in a thick layer of ice and snow.

Source: The Guardian


Reports also reveal that for the first time in history temperatures have dipped this low in the US.

Source: BBC


Source: BBC


Despite the record-breaking and spine-chilling cold, people in the mid-West have been trying to sustain themselves.

The railway tracks are being set on fire to ensure that they continue to function, and that communication systems are not disrupted.

Source: Buzzfeednews


Source: Buzzfeednews


Source: Buzzfeednews


People are trying to show exactly how cold it is outside by throwing boiling water into the air.

Even the water thrown on a glass window from the inside is freezing.

It is so cold right now in Chicago that, according to reports, stepping out of the house even for 5 minutes can lead to frostbites.

Source: Twitter


Weather reports predict that the polar vortex is set to continue in the US for sometime; which might cause temperatures to fall further.

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