With Christmas right around the corner, everyone's busy decorating their homes and readying gifts.

However, while unleashing their creative sides, some people accidentally reveal something else altogether. And that 'something' can be a little naughty!

Here are 30 design fails which are quite naughty in hindsight:

1. That's a candle cake

Source: Imgur

2. A little too pointed, maybe?

Source: alithegooddoggod

3. That 'child' has no clue what he's holding!

Source: ElderCunningham

4. That was meant to be 'Jana'

Source: CZGroove

5. Awkward prints

Source: kibblesjimmy

6. Who let the lights out?

Source: lajkat

7. Not thought through. For sure!

Source: Sheknows

8. Aren't these guys too happy?

Source: summit28

9. My kind of lights!

Source: Twitter

10. Shining in the dark

Source: tuks6

11. Men at work!

Source: Imgur

12. Side view!

Source: chrissilich

13. Oh Oh Oh Oh!

Source: jk0

14. Don't open till Christmas, Just don't!

Source: pakattack461

15. Too much ass-licking out here!

Soiurce: howardkinsd

16. Keep those hands off!

Source: Beardafterdark

17. No words!

Source: pinterest

18. Let's lighten up things

Source: Gamingkarma

19. Check both the sides, always!

Source: Imgur

20. What is Santa doing?

Source: Imgur

21. Was this intentional?

Source: serious_redditor

22. These guys are having fun!

Source: Imgur

23. Christmas is all about candles

Source: Imgur

24. My mom's unique candle stands

Source: Anitia158

25. Who designed these?

Source: ProgVal

26. Okay, then!

Source: Imgur

27. Dinner is ready!

Source: Imgur

28. Bad manners!

Source: mxrxqueen

29. No syrup Santa, please!

Source: Pyehole

30. Come on Santa, listen!

Source: Imgur

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