While all of us 20-somethings are trying so hard to be adults, the kid inside all of us never fails to show up at different, mostly personal instances of life. The kid residing within us refuses to grow up no matter what and we believe there is nothing wrong in that. The kid keeps us alive.

Here are a few comic strips that illustrate the life of that very kid who is a day-dreamer, a creator and a bakchod, all packed in one. The kid is also stubborn, passionate and equally clueless. Scroll on. 

1. You can't eat Crax just like that. There is a proper way of doing it. 

2. When you're 24 and still find yourself saying, "When I grow up...".

3. You still don't know what your ambition in life is. 

4. You are still crazy about swings in the parks and everyone is so judgmental but you couldn't give a flying fuck about it. 

5. Recreation is important, just like work, right? RIGHT?

6. Licking the plate because why wouldn't anyone.

7. What crayons are to a kid, colour pens are to a kid who hasn't grown up.

8. Day-dreaming of being a super hero with super powers hasn't really changed much in over a decade.

9. You're lying to yourself and the whole world if you say that you don't enjoy popping the bubble wrap.

10. Animated movies > any movie.

11. You still call your mommy and cry to her about how sick you are in life.

12. The best part about office trips is the bouncy bed of the hotel room you're going to be staying in.

13. Toy stores are still your most favourite place in the whole wide world. 

14. They say your boxer shorts can say a lot about you.

15. An unfamiliar sound while you try to sleep at night can scare the living shit out of you.

Tell us what the kid within you is like.

Design Credits: Aroop Mishra