Japan is indeed a beautiful country and if you are planning to visit it, you should pretty soon. Almost all Japanese people know how to converse in Basic English. They might not be fluent but they can convey you the meaning. Moreover, in Japan, the public signposts are written both in Japanese and English. However, being in a foreign city, you must be prepared for every kind of situation. You might come across someone who cannot speak English or a situation where you either need to use sign language or say a Japanese phrase. Mug up these 11 phrases and you are good to go. 

1. Met a local and want to greet them? Say 

2. A local asked your name? Just tell them 

3. Be a good person and ask them their name, too.

4. Had a good time conversing with a local? Don't forget to say to him

5. Liked Japan and want to express that feeling? Shout out.

6. Experienced some amazing Japanese hospitality? Do say. 

7. Was that Japanese dish lip-smacking? Express your joy with...

8. Want to ask the shopkeeper the price of something? Just do it! 

9. Want to find your way to the train station there? Ask a local.

10. And God forbid if you land up in some trouble there, ask for help.