Come to the party, they said... It'll be fun they said...

*A few hours later...*

Freshman year at college and "why don't you drink?" became a perennial conversation starter that everyone had with me. I became that 'sober friend' in my squad who would remember every little awkward dance step at every party and every embarrassing moment. I would even gush about it the next morning! But being the mom of my group, I've also been the personal chauffeur of my friends, driving them around when they were totally out of it, cleaning some bodily fluids with my bare hands and of course, stopping them from calling their ex. 

But more than that, it has a lot to do with being left out. I mean, I can't tell you about the times when I was the butt of all jokes because I used to order lime juice or fizzy drinks at a party where everyone was getting hammered. 

Hang out sessions, office parties, rooftop soirees; all turn a little sour when the only non-alcoholic beverages are mixers. That was until I stumbled upon Coolberg's non-alcoholic beer, which is a refreshing break from the monotonous. Coolberg beer has an authentic taste and of course, some magical flavours that will tantalize your taste buds and give you that much needed buzz that a lime juice just can't!

Friday night is like a nightmare when you’re a part of the 'no-drinkers' club. Our friends have a whole menu to pick their poison of choice, while a person like me ends up having to do with a sugary soda or a mocktail. But now, thanks to Coolberg you've got a lot of flavours to choose from; there's mint, ginger, malt, peach, and so many more! And guess what? It's the new millennial favourite drink that won't kill your Friday night buzz! BRB, stacking up my fridge with this non-alcoholic beer that I can relish anytime!