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Oct 23, 2017 at 20:11

This Mannequin In Mexico Is Famous Because It Might Be a Corpse That’s Been Preserved for 75 Years

by Rohit Bhattacharya

This is La Pascualita. She's been giving people the creeps for a really, really long time.

Source: Ripley's


Located in a store window in Chihuahua, Mexico, this 'bridal mannequin' was placed here on March 25th, 1930.

Source: Joehumphrey


People soon realized that she bore an uncanny resemblance to the store’s owner at the time, Pascuala Esparza. According to Ripley's, the townsfolk decided that it was the embalmed body of her daughter, who had died recently on her wedding day after being bitten by a Black Widow spider.

Source: Liekr


The mother denied these allegations, but the legend around this hyper-realistic dummy was too far gone.

Source: Masternews


Today, even skeptics have a hard time understanding how the detailing on the hands and legs are so precise. One shop worker, Sonia Burciaga, who has to change the dummy’s outfits twice a week, told Ripley's,

"Every time I go near Pascualita my hands break out in a sweat. Her hands are very realistic and she even has varicose veins on her legs. I believe she’s a real person."
Source: Atlasobscura


However, even if La Pascualita was meticulously cared for and embalmed every day, it's impossible that it would remain in such good condition for such a long time.

Source: Joehumphrey


The climate in Mexico just wouldn't be able to support such a delicate process, and her features would change dramatically. Yet the question about the realistic state of her hands pops up every time, and that's something that'll probably never be answered.

Source: Idealtouritst


Curious? Yes. Creeped out? Fuck yes!

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