In a display of intolerance towards people's right to freedom, comes this news from Kolkata.

A couple was allegedly harassed and beaten up for hugging inside the city's Metro compartment.

According to a report by The Quint, a range of insensitive questions were hurled at the couple, including these:

“Why aren’t you going to a pub in Park Street?” to “Why don’t you get a room?”

A few elderly men objected to the couple's public display of affection, and soon comments turned into threats, after which the couple was dragged outside the train to Dumdum station and reportedly attacked.

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According to reports, the woman was seen trying to shield the man from being beaten up by an angry mob. A few young women and men helped the couple escape the attackers.

The news has sparked protests in the city.

The Metro railway authority in Kolkata has released a statement on its Facebook page.

On Twitter, too, users are shocked over the ill-treatment.

It is one of the many instances of moral policing rampant in our country; where one supposedly inappropriate behaviour is reciprocated with physical violence.