Grass lovers dedicated to making our high better have come a long way with their ingenuity; from wooden pipes in the earth in Africa for hits, we now have face bongs, minimalist chic bongs and private hoo-haa bongs; you name it. Each bong gives you a different high, some are high tech AF with percolators galore for that perfect hit, while others are... let's just say light-saber bongs exist.

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Here are the 18 craziest bongs you'll ever see.

1. The Killer Coil Bong

This guy means business. It's got three cooling towers, a whole structure of mean-looking percolators and a sleek demeanour. This monster guarantees one smooth hit which will get you good high while you dreamily watch the smoke curl around the mechanism and waft upwards.

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2. Face Bong

Watch your schwag literally take over your mind in this masterpiece. The mouthpiece curves into the mouth for the hit, so you can just wear this beauty and have the best experience of your life.

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We couldn't leave out this Gas Mask bong when we are talking face bongs. Just put the thing on, leave your hands free to take a hit and gaze out at a visibly prettier world from behind the mask.

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3. Minimalist Chic Bong

Elegant and simplistic, this is minimalism at its best. The bong's diffuser at the top provides a smooth hit and acts as splash guard, you can put in ice at the base for more percolation and cooling and the mouthpiece can hold a lighter to save you those elusive-lighter-hunts when you're high.

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4. Alien Bong

This little alien creature sits tight inside your bong and keeps you company while you're on your trip.

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5. Stacked Perc Bong

This bong spells power. The stacked percolator means a seriously powerful hit. For no-frills, hardcore weed junkies.

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6. Psychedelic Lantern Bong

For those with a quirky side, this psychedelic, blingy bong has a character of its own. Perfect for those hazy trips.

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7. Lungs and Heart Bong

Delightfully ironical, it's a trip to just watch the smoke travel through the contraption. The smoke starts filtering through the heart and then spreads to the lungs.

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8. Multiple Mouthpiece Bong

This is for one heck of a party with your friends. You don't have to pass this one around; just set it down so that several people can take a hit at once. What a brilliant idea.

Source: ebaumsworld

Source: ebaumsworld

9. Boba Fett Bong

Stars Wars fans are gonna love this one. This Boba Fett helm has a mouthpiece on the inside so you can wear it and chill out. Keep a friend handy to do the lighting for you.

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10. Train Bong

For those beautiful trips on high quality dank. You can even look at the smoke chugging out of it. Cute.

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11. Dragon Bong

This one is all about beautiful craftsmanship. Take this beauty out and impress everyone with its elegance. Get set for a powerful hit.

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12. Crazy Trippy Bong

This crazy piece looks like it was assembled in the world Alice accidentally fell into. Joyously colourful and whimsical, it curves around in bizarre shapes. Quite the mind-boggler when you're sober, you might have a task in hand trying to figure it out when you're flying high.

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13. Private Ladies and Gentlemen Parts Bong

This one is a sure shot party hit. Everyone is going to want to take a drag from these.

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14. Twisty Bong

This guy is multi-functional, you could use it for dabs, vaping or simply burning up your leaf. Very effective, utility-wise.

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15. Roor Excalibur

Now this 6-foot monster is the bong every smoker wants. Only serious players go for this one and there are only a few of these made. This bong will set you back by $15,000.

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16. Bumblebee Transformer Bong

Transformer fans are gonna be drooling after this one. You could mistake this for an action figure by its stance and vibrant colour.

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17. Mario Bong

This one's for those people who can't get enough of that beloved childhood game. Fancy a game after you're floating?

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18. Lightsaber Bong

The force is strong with this one. Wield it carefully.

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One of the best creations by mankind. Also, thank you Nature for our leafy friend. *heads for the hills with bong*

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