India VS Pakistan is not just a match, it’s an emotion. From cricket lovers to even non-fans, each human across the nation watches these games with equal devotion.

As the countdown began for the much-anticipated match, scheduled for October 15, hotel rates across the city started rising exponentially. So, as an alternative, fans started booking hospital beds with amenities such as breakfast and dinner!

Dr. Paras Shah, a doctor, revealed to Ahmedabad Mirror:

“Since it’s a hospital, they are asking for a full-body check-up and an overnight stay so both of their purposes are fulfilled – saving money on lodging and getting their health check-up done. These people are ready for any, from deluxe to suite room, whatever is offered to them. Since we have limited rooms, we are being judicious in taking such advance bookings.”

Credits: InsideSports

He added that even his relatives are inquiring him about the hospital rooms and don’t wish to stay at his home.

“I have inquiries from my friends from the USA to stay in my hospital as I have both special and general rooms. Their aim is to watch the Indo-Pak match and also take advantage of the medical facilities, since they want to stay in the hospital, and not at my home.”

Credits: NDTV

Here’s how people reacted to this:

As per reports, the hotel room prices in Ahmedabad increased 20 times on the date of the match, ranging from ₹59,000 to ₹72,000.