As the Indian cricket team braces for its New Zealand tour this November, let’s dive into the relationship that these two countries share. Often referred to as ‘the nice guys’, NZ players have always been a good sport on the pitch. The matches are tough but breezy. And unlike with Australia or Pakistan, the environment is relatively non-stressful. After India’s defeat in the 2019 World Cup Semi-final, the two are gonna come face to face again this year. As the anticipation and excitement broils in us, Prime Video came up with its new mini-series—Taking Guard, that dwells exclusively into the IND-NZ relationships. And it’s an absolute delight to watch!

With the matches starting from the 18th of November, now is the perfect time to watch ‘Taking Guard’. Each episode takes us through the moments when the two cricketing titans have given a tough fight to each other every time they came face to face. From talking about the type of pitch to the size of the stadium to insights from former players, it truly is an informative account on the sport. And the best part was seeing all of the legendary players and coaches like Ravi Shastri, Ian Smith, Harsha Bhogle come and talk about their experiences in the past and what their expectations from the upcoming season are. For instance, Shastri talked about Shubhman Gill as he said, “Shubhman Gill is someone you should watch out for, because he could be the next Star on the horizon and could have the impact that Virat Kohli had as a player. When comes through the ranks.”

Watching this mini-series was honestly like going down memory lane and preparing us for when India plays the Kiwis soon. We’re way more excited about the tour than we already were. And there’s no way we’re letting you miss this absolute piece of beauty. Go get your weekend sorted and make way for ‘Taking Guard’.  On a separate note, Prime Video will exclusively stream the series starting from November 18th on its platform. The limited over series will consist of three T20Is and an equal number of ODIs. We can see how exciting of a chapter this series can be, especially for the next generation of Indian cricketers. Primarily because they’re preparing themselves for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup next year. It’s all so fast approaching, isn’t it? It will also mark Hardik Pandya’s debut as a Team India captain of the T20I squad and will have Shikhar Dhawan lead in the fifty-over format. So brace yourself and in the meantime, check out the trailer for the mini-series here.