We tried making sense of these 'super viral' songs which appear to have no meaning but we discovered deep existential philosophies behind them.

1. Dhinchak Pooja

She won millions of hearts and probably caused a few heart attacks too when she dropped her single selfie maine le li aaj

2. Taher Shah

Pakistan's own pop sensation who broke the internet with his first song Eye to eye was a blessing to us talent-less souls. His specialty? He is the lyricist, composer, producer and director of his own music videos. 

3. Vennu Mallesh

Have you heard It's my life? No, not the strictly average Bon Jovi song but Vennu Mallesh's sheer genius. This utter brilliance should be every millennial's anthem because it conveys all the emotions of all us special snowflakes.

4. Rebecca Black

If your weekend isn’t going well, listen to Rebecca Black's Friday and it’ll get a lot worse. While she may be the queen of "you don't say?", she can still say the days of the week better than you. We guarantee it.

5. Bhim Niroula

Speaking of days of the week, have you heard this gem?

If you want your lady to be head over heels in love with you, then Bhim Niroula is your go-to guy. His lyrics talk about intense love and affection which is very tempting for all the romantics out there.

6. Jacintha Morris

This mother of two from Kerala has an interesting story to tell. Her song Suzzaine is a sinner shook our minds and if you still haven't heard it, you're really missing out. The poet in her strives for greatness and well, let's just say she knows exactly how to turn heads.

 Enough cringe for a lifetime!