Remember all the splendid animated cities you grew up watching in Disney movies? And how you wished reality was that beautiful? Well, the inspiration definitely came from ancient history. Because as we grew tech savvy, several cities older than thousands of years have drowned underwater. Some had to face catastrophes so magnificent that the seas gobbled them up. Others were the victims of our interruptions with nature. 

As scientists around the world seek answers, the cities we thought never existed have started to make an appearance. Under the blue lies breathtaking buildings and remains of cities so old that they will give you chills. Some are submerged underwater while some have their peaks out, telling tales older than your grandma’s stories.

1. Water Palace in Jaipur

Surrounded by an exquisite hill view, Jaipur’s 300-year-old Water Palace stands upright as the Man Sagar lake hugs its walls. 

Only the top can be seen of this red sandstone structure when the lake is full and at night the illuminated floodlights makes it appear like a beautiful bride.


2. Lion City in China

One of the most spectacular ruins of the world is China’s Lion City sitting royally underwater. Locally known as Shi Cheng, the city was actually flooded in the 1950s for a dam construction.

3. Potosi City in Italy

For about two decades, the city of Potosi in Italy could only witness the cross topping of this church. It was only in 2010 when the lost treasure was seen again as water receded.


Only the cross top of the church was visible till droughts hit the city.


4. Pavlopetri city in Greece

Believed to be the world’s oldest submerged city, Greece’s Pavlopetri thrived for at least 2000 years before it sank.

The image has been recreated via digital mapping and the result is most definitely spooky.


5. Vilarinho da Furna in Portugal

Dating back to the Roman times, Vilarinho da Furna, a village in Portugal makes an appearance every now and then. Vacated in 1972, this village now remains untouched.

You Tube

6. Titicaca lake in Peru

The lake Titicaca in Peru hides the ruins of Inca civilisation, largest in the pre – Columbian America. 

Legend has it that this site was where the Spanish conquerors hid stolen gold.


Along with 1500 years old temple, the international team of scientists found several artifacts and human remains.




9. Egyptian city of Thonis

Thonis – Heracleion (Egyptian and Greek names) founded around the 8th century underwent natural catastrophes and was lost to mankind.

It laid peacefully on the Mediterranean bed until a few years back a team from University of Oxford excavated parts of the city and its magnificent temples.

b’Granite statue of a Pharaoh, over 5 meter height’

10. The towns of Massachusetts

The towns of Dana, Enfield, Greenwich and Prescott in Massachusetts were once connected by a network of roads and railways. They disappeared when the Quabbin reservoir was created which now supplies water to Boston and other communities.


Many more cities yet to be discovered wait patiently, and until then, their stories hide underwater.

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