In association with LEGO Group India

As a kid, playing with LEGO® toys used to be my favourite thing to do.

A pink coloured suitcase with all my LEGO bricks inside was no less than a treasure chest back then. Running my fingers through the dusty box today, I still feel a tinge of excitement. Surprisingly, the bricks appear colourful even in my sepia-toned memories. 

But it’s not just nostalgia that makes LEGO bricks special. There are some incredibly interesting facts about our beloved toy brand that’ll completely blow your mind away. If you don’t believe us, then check these 10 facts out

How mind blown are you? These fun facts have given us a good enough reason to appreciate the existence of LEGO bricks in our lives even more. 

And guess what? LEGO Group has officially announced their launch in India with their first-ever campaign, called The Little Red Brick. This campaign highlights that every child is born with incredible problem-solving skills and have an infinite potential for imagination that can be built and developed through LEGO bricks. It showcases how children, with a bit of nurturing and fostering can truly reshape and rebuild the world! Check out this video to know what we mean!

So, this festive season you can totally unleash the child within you and get your hands on some of the most fun LEGO brick sets here and build your perfect LEGO world with your family. 

Designer: Nupur Agrawal