Diwali is just around the corner and so is that time to buy some presents for our family and friends. But hey, it's 2020. Do you really want to gift your friends another box of Soan Papdi AGAIN? You know it, they know it, we all know it, that box is never going to get used. 

However, we do understand that buying a diwali gift under budget is super hard. So, we have some amazing gift ideas for Diwali just under ₹500 which for once will make everyone happy. 

1. Cadbury Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Gift Box 

Price : ₹400 

This might be one of the obvious choices. But hey, Diwali is literally the festival of sweets and desserts. Plus, you can never go wrong with chocolates. Amirite? Buy it here. 

Source: Amazon

2. Pack Of Socks

Price: Under ₹350

Okay, this might sound weird. But, deep inside you all know how one can just not have enough pair of socks to keep their feet warm and fuzzy. So, let's gift some socks with some very funky prints. We promise this will come in handy. Buy it here

Source: Soxy Toes

3. Candle Holders 

Price : ₹299  

This gift is super appropriate for Diwali (cuz festival of lights) and otherwise also. Because what if the electricity goes down or you just want your drawing room to look dope? Buy it here. 

Source: Amazon

4. Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Price : ₹425

So, here us out okay! There's some cool wintery breeze, you want to have a hot cup of tea or coffee and boom there comes this beautiful mug in handy. Buy it here

Source: Amazon

5. Gift Cards

Price : ₹500

You're basically gifting someone cash and they can just buy whatever they want. You can't go wrong with this. Buy it here. 

Source: Amazon

6. Multi-Function Clip Holder 

Price :  ₹450

This is one of those multi-purpose things everyone will thank you for. You can take this to office, keep it at home and use it for holding cups, mobile phones, keys, stationary etc. This also has a smart hole to that can be used for your charging cables to pass through. Buy it here. 

Source: Big Small

7. An Indoor Plant 

Price : ₹299

With a great Indian festival comes a lot of pollution. You can't deny it. So, why not gift some an indoor plant which will not only make a house look pretty but also purify air. Your recipients will forever be grateful for this. But it here. 

Source: Amazon

8. A Watch Clock

Price : ₹460

Contrary to popular beliefs, watch clocks aren't as pricey as it looks (only if you fetch the right ones). And honestly, everyone needs to check the time so this will never be a waste. Buy it here.     

Source: Amazon

9. Lakshmi and Ganesh Idol Showpiece

Price : ₹269

It's Diwali after all and the festival is all about God Lakshmi and Ganesh. So gifting someone this almost is a no brainer and quite auspicious. Buy it here.  

Source: Amazon

10. Pack Of Face Masks

Price : ₹385

Whether it's for pollution or the freaking pandemic, you can never have enough masks. So, why not just gift some in funky colours and designs? Buy it here

Source: Amazon

So, what are you waiting for? Get on with your online shopping.