A ten-year-old child, suffering from Dyslexia recently won hearts by writing a poem that inspired many.

Shared by a teacher in England, the letter made rounds when she took to Twitter to praise the ten-year-old child.


Very creatively and smartly put, the poem can be read both ways, and by that we mean, from the top as well as the bottom. But it’s in the meaning where the stark contrast is evident.

Opening with demotivated words of a child, who feels helpless about being “stupid” and someone who doesn’t have a way with words, the poem transforms to a highly inspiring one once read the other way round.


It’s high time the stigma that surrounds dyslexia is challenged. And reading such heartwarming poems leads us to believe that there is indeed hope in the world.

Twitter has appluaded both, the child and the teacher who shared this precious piece. 

We absolutely loved reading this genius piece.