We’ve all been spending a lot of time in the kitchen this lockdown. So why not spoil yourself and your kitchen by buying things that are a bit indulgent? 

1. Garlic Press

You known you can just crush garlic, right? But you’ll definitely end up buying this garlic press because aesthetically beautiful garlic looks great on pizza. 

2. Waffle Maker

Craving those delicious waffles you used to eat on your cheat days before the lockdown? We’ve found a replacement that’ll fit right into your kitchen. 

3. Noodle Press

You can basically squeeze anything through this press, zucchini, noodles, muruku or pasta and you’ll get beautifully cut strings of deliciousness.

Buy it here: Solimo Noodle Maker

4. Smart LED Bulb

It’s probably time to spice things up in lockdown with this super colourful bulb that you can control with your phone. 

5. Aata & Bread Maker

This magical product mixes and kneads aata, and if you want to make freshly baked bread – then it mixes, ferments and bakes it. 

6. Milk Frother

This beater of sorts adds froth to any drink that you want, from your latte to your cup of hot chocolate. Go get em for those insta pictures. 

7. Popcorn Machine 

Missing the movie theatres? Well, you can reminiscence the good ol’ times as you binge watch Netflix with your fresh home made popcorn. 

8. Tornado Potato Slicer

Do you love those curly potatoes you munch on during food fests? You can actually make them at home, pair it with peri peri seasoning and you’ve got the perfect snack. 

9. Meat Smasher 

What has been done in India for centuries with a belan, actually needs a separate tool? You can smash your meat with this hammer like thing. 

10. Egg White Yolk Separator

This perfect tool separates your egg whites from the yolks with zero effort, so say bye bye to sticky fingers. 

11. Cooking Brush 

This brush makes spreading butter on your baked goods and oil on meat that’s being grilled quite easy. Can you do without it? Probably. But does it make things easier? Definitely. 

12. Silicon Dish Cover 

Silicon covers of different sizes that keep your food fresh, are microwave safe and perfect for the days when you just can’t find the right lid. 

13. Dishwash Soap Dispenser & Scrub

This dish scrub comes with a built in dishwasher dispenser which makes cleaning dishes much easier and hassle free. 

All images are from Amazon. 

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