There are two kinds of people- one that you feel blessed to have in your life and the other you wish Thanos’ snap would obliterate. The efforts of the former in making your world a better place, one udhaar ki cigarette at a time, needs to be recognised. Here are the people we should 10/10 tie a rakhi kyunki amaze person hai tu bhai.

1. That bench partner for letting us copy their homework.

The knight in shining armour who always saves our asses in times of dire need is a true gem. Cherish them and give them a samosa later.

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2. That rare species of a friend who says “5 minutes mein aa raha hu” and he actually does reach on time.

The chances of having such a friend are one in a million, but if you do have one, congratulations! The quality of your life just increased by +1. 


3. Ice cream wale bhaiya for selling their secret stash and making us feel like the chosen one.

You know you’re in for a treat when his refrigerator opens, and he reaches out for a secret door and the light from the heavens beam down on him and a choir of angels sing Hallelujah. 


4. Dudh wale bhaiya for clanking his milk jars and banging the door like it’s the end of the world. 

Our very own alarm clock that doesn’t have a snooze button.


5. Auto waley bhaiya for the amaze stories and discussions on politics.

30-minute rides across town suddenly become interesting as they dig through their past and tell tales of the time they spent a night in lockup. 

Atul Jha

6. Kirana dukan waley for letting us buy everything on loan. Always.

The debt, if they recount, is enough to bankrupt us.


7. Owners who let us pet their dogs.

Tu bhagwaan hai for letting us have the highlight of our day by allowing us to pet your furry friend.


8. Golgappe wale bhaiya for giving us an extra piece with the mint and tamarind chutney.

That extra piece makes us reach a crescendo in the symphony that this culinary genius has been playing in our mouths for the past five minutes.

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9. Cab waley bhaiya for cancelling other rides just because we are in a rush.

They will also help you get the Fast & The Furious experience in real life. You just need to say the magic words- “Bhaiya late ho raha hai, thoda jaldi chalo!


10. That school bus conductor for waiting five minutes extra just for us as he knew “iska kuch nahi ho sakta”.

Laces untied, toast in mouth, you run dreading that the bus has already left. But your bus conductor is one hell of a person who waits for you even after all these years.


11. Music store owners for letting us try their guitars for the umpteenth time even when we don’t really know how to play and won’t ever buy it!

You, sir, deserve a minute long solo for which you might wanna plug your ears. 


12. Sabzi mandi wale for helping us pick the freshest and best vegetables so that our mothers don’t judge us.

A rotten tomato can get you a whole day’s worth of taana and unending bouts of “jab hum tumhari umar ke they…” 

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13. That colleague who always lends you the charger.

A rare find, that will keep the spark alive, always.


14. The office boy who brings you chai everytime you crave for it.

He will appear out of the blue, holding a piping hot cup of tea. Bro, yes, of course.

Overseas Philipino

15. The security guard who receives my packages during my absence.

They also need to be thanked for remembering our names when the courier personnel questions “Idhar rehta hai ye?” 

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16. That barber who takes the pain to not make us look like Salman from Tere Naam.

We don’t look like Ryan Gosling either, but anything is better than that godforsaken hairdo from Tere Naam.


17. That delivery boy who delivers my food in under 30 minutes and it’s still warm.

Guess who gets a huge tip?


You get a rakhi, you get a rakhi, you all get a RAAAKKKHHHIII!

All GIFs were sourced from Giphy.