To hell with the haters. Beards are the absolute best and they make any man into man 2.0. Fight me on that. Here's why.

1. Let's just start with how bearded men are basically 10x more attractive.

Keep it in your pants, ladies. There's more coming.

Source: Pinterest

2. A beard can turn a rando butch man into Jason Momoa.

3. Jason frikkin Momoa! Eeeep!!!

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

4. You'll never look bored. You'll either end up looking 'pensive' or 'contemplative'.

5. You can turn goofy into classy with zero effort.

6. Beards make you look like the pet daddy you were meant to be.

'Cause you know how to look after furry things that need a lot of attention.

7. Or simply the daddy you were born to be.

8. Even wet hair ain't raining on your fabulous parade.

9. Basically, even staring at the floor makes you look like you're deep in philosophical thought.

10. Even nerdy glasses can't kill your chill vibe.

11. Neither can dorky hats.

12. Just add a pair of sunglasses. Aaaannnddd...


13. Length doesn't even matter. Beard = Hot!

Hey, boy. Can I look at you through my stubble telescope?

14. Beard + long hair = gorgeousness max!

15. It's an inbuilt jacket for your face.

16. Also, free exfoliation for your partner's face.

17. You can own TF out of any retro look.

18. You won't really age. You'll just turn into a gorgeous silver fox.

19. Getting inked just adds to your charm.

20. Throw in any outfit and you'll always look runway ready.

Ditch that razor and raize a toast to the beard life!