A group of researchers with the Royal Children’s Hospital based in Australia have suggested to extend the span of adolescent years. 

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According to this concept, the traditional age bracket of adolescents will be prolonged from 10-19 years to10-24 years. Which means that you’ll still be considered as a teenager if you’re in your early twenties. 


According to Medical Express, researches who support this theory, explain that due to physical and soceitel changes, we should consider pushing forward the end of adolescence years. 


BBC backs up this claim by providing biological arguments. Apparently, the brain continues to mature and works more efficiently beyond the age of 20. 

Plus, the average age of people getting their wisdom teeth is also 25. 

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Child Development— Scientific journal found that teenagers today were engaging less in “adult” activities i.e “adulting” than teenagers in the ’90s. 

In short, they’re blooming much later than young people did 20 years ago.

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Moreover, if you notice, with the change in generations, there has been a delay in achieving personal ‘milestones’ that make you independent. 

Whether it is getting a driver’s license or pushing the societal age for getting married, the claim seems to make a point. 

According to Vogue, majority of the researchers agree that smartphones are causing this major developmental delay. Smartphones consume a large chunk of today’s preteen and teens lives.  

This explains the significant dip in their social lives and interactions outside of their homes.


According to the group of researchers, extending the age of adolescence will help in framing laws that are meant to protect young people. 

As a person who has recently turned 21, I am seeing this as a personal attack on my maturity, even though I only have my leaner’s license.